Top 20 iPad Apps for WordPress Developers

28 Nov, 2010  |  Written by  |  under iPad, WordPress

While the iPad is useful for lots of things, it doesn’t take WordPress to another level. Those familiar with WordPress will note the iPad app is nearly identical to WordPress 2.3 on the iPhone. There are no monumental changes to the app for iPad as WordPress wanted to keep things simple for users. That said, for those who blog for a living or utilize their blog for business purposes, we know there are times when information or images must be posted to your blog ASAP. To do this, you can utilize the best iPad apps for WordPress developers and be happy to get new information up in mere minutes.

Where the iPad does excel is the ability to blog on a bigger screen. This seemingly simple feature makes blogging more like blogging on your personal computer because you’re able to upload images and see page previews just the same.

Top iPad Apps for Content and Design

A fabulous blog is nothing if it doesn’t have a great design and yummy pictures for readers to see on a daily basis. Take your blog from good to great by implementing these easy-to-use iPad apps that will make adding images and making your blog unique a walk in the park.

  1. Picasa Web Albums Photo For the blogger who loves to travel and tell within the same day. This app allows you to upload images and share them with friends, and also post them to your WordPress blog without saving to your platform. Instead, it utilizes the link to post the image giving you a slick blog without the constant busywork of uploading and naming image files.
  2. Instapaper This app allows you to save a webpage, so referencing it or linking to it while blogging later on is an easy task. There’s no digging through your history to find the page, nor do you have make your way through Google again. The webpage is also on your iPad permanently (or until you delete it), so you can peruse articles when you have the time and save them on Instapaper. Then you can add them to your blog posts when you do have some downtime, but don’t have an internet connection.
  3. Evernote Have an idea for a blog post? Evernote can keep track of it. Spot an image that would make a great banner for your blog? Snap it and Evernote can keep track of it. Evernote serves as a planner of sorts and allows you to keep track of quick notes and everything else for your blog. Creating “new notes” means all of your inspiration for a post can go in one area until you have the time to write it. The app stores your notes on your iPad and Evernote’s servers, which means the information is accessible from your personal computer as well.
  4. SimpleSense Some bloggers bring in serious dough via Google AdSense. Keep track of your clicks and dollars with the SimpleSense iPad app. It’s a free and effective way to see your Google AdSense stats at any time without logging in to your Google account since SimpleSense automatically does that for you.
  5. Pingdom Bloggers know that what matters most with their blog is stats. When your blog stats are up, where readers are coming from and what kind of traffic certain posts generate all serve to make your blog better in the long run. Pingdom allows you to keep track of these things at a glance. To benefit from Pingdom, you first must have a Pingdom account, but registration is quick and free.
  6. Dropbox Dropbox allows you to store information and print it elsewhere, which means you can pull it up on your iPad and then access the content on your personal computer to print. Downloading Dropbox to your personal computers, iPad and iPhone will synchronize the tools allowing you to grab what you need wherever you are. Dropbox makes file sharing easy and is ideal for those who have image-heavy blogs like gamers, designers or the fashion sect.
  7. Byline Instead of taking the time to sort through your favorite blogs and websites, let them come to you with the Byline app. This app gives you RSS feeds and Atom feeds after you save sites to your Google Reader account. From then on, you have instant access to all of your favorite sites through automatic updates throughout the day. Plus Byline saves pages, so if you’re without an internet connection, you can still catch up on your reading.
  8. Q10 Chic, simple and to the point, Q10 is the perfect app for the minimalist blogger. While it doesn’t offer a ton of bells and whistles, it gets the job done and in a concise manner. The streamlined layout takes over your entire screen, so it’s great for those who are the type to blog with the task at hand. No interruptions and no tweets coming from afar to get you sidetracked. Configure margins and align text within Q10 to get your blog looking pretty. The Q10 app allows a blogger to create goals and alarms that will tell you it’s time to update.
  9. FTP On the Go Manage all of your files, transfer them and FTP client. Create a password for your FTP and you have access to view and edit files, upload videos and photos with just a few clicks. You can also keep tabs on servers you usually visit, pull up the same files on your iPhone and store files. This is a handy tool for professional or recreational bloggers because it ultimately simplifies blogging as a whole.
  10. iThoughts Have a stroke of genius? Capture it with the iThoughts app. This clever app is for the creative type of blogger that has ideas stirring as this article is written. Keep track of ideas, set goals and expand on projects-in-the-making in one place. Think of it as a high tech version of brainstorming. iThoughts automatically links like-ideas and allows you to attach reminder notes to topics. If you have a project with another blog coming up, you can store that blogger’s contact info and more in the note, ensuring you have all of your information ready to go at a moment’s notice.
  11. Gusto Keep up with your blog using Gusto. This app merges code editing and FTP under one roof and creates a thumbnail for each project. This makes it easy to hop on your iPad and get to work editing your program. From a sidebar, you’re able to create a file in HTML and PHP. There are arrows to navigate between folders and files, making Gusto a simple app that can serve a blogger well.
  12. Markup Markup is perfect for the blogger on-the-go. While you can’t create new content in Markup, you can edit, moderate and play around with images. This is great for downtime or cleaning up blog posts that were done in a hurry. Markup may not be useful for those who are veteran bloggers, but for those who are new to or still adjusting to WordPress, Markup will be useful for editing and cleaning up your blog as you get a better eye for the program. Markup files support HTML, CSS and PHP.
  13. Desktop Connect Man your personal computer from you iPad, just like you would if you were at home or in the office. Desktop Connect allows you to access any computer and is rated the #1 desktop app at the time of publishing. Connecting to your personal computer means you can get to any blog posts that need tending and also work on creative projects in Adobe Photoshop or MS Paint. This is the one iPad app that every WordPress blogger must take advantage of because it will make your iPad and blog worth having.

Top iPad Apps for Social Networking for WordPress Bloggers

Now your blog is good looking and packed in with information, but what good is that if you don’t get the word out? Social networking is a blogger’s best friend. It allows you to communicate with others in your field of expertise and also serves as a jumping off point for capitalizing on your blog. Get the word out with these useful iPad apps.

  1. Tweetdeck What blogger doesn’t love Twitter? Tweetdeck works just the same as it does on your personal computer or iPhone. Get updates in columns that tell you what those you follow are up to. Tweetdeck automatically divides your updates into tweets, tweets directed at you, and direct messages. You can further divide updates and also get Facebook updates from people on your network.
  2. Shozu Shozu allows you to easily upload to most social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. You can also upload pictures to your Flickr account and then share the album on your blog or social networking site of choice. Shozu also is compatible with YouTube, which means you can upload a video, grab the embed code and post the same video on your blog in just a few easy steps.
  3. Twitterrific Keep track of all your tweets with Twitterific. For those who stick with the social networking site of-the-moment, this iPad app automatically color codes tweets making it easy to keep track of what’s going on at a glance.
  4. Gist Consolidate all of your social networking updates in one place. Gist gives you further insight on the people in any given network by providing quick links to their name, recent updates and activity. You can also enter a company or person’s name and get a synopsis on what they’re about, which allows you to make the decision if they’re worth following, adding, etc. Gist will also find what other social networking sites the person or company is on and provide you with information stored there as well.

Top iPad Apps for Business WordPress Bloggers

Some of us blog for fun, others for business. A blog on WordPress is easy to set up, so it’s a smart tool for business owners to use to get personal with their clientele. You never know who is reading and addressing inquiries and issues in a blog speaks directly to the consumer. You can run contests and special promotions on your blog, which results in clients always keeping an eye on what you’re up to.

  1. Dragon Dictation Maybe you are just getting started blogging as a business owner and are having trouble adjusting. Once you’re burned out on the technicalities of the trade like image placement and hyperlinking, you can create posts using this nifty iPad app. Dragon Dictation allows you to speak your text and claims using the app is “five times faster than typing on a keyboard.” When time is money, that’s an app worth having.
  2. Skype If you’re a business owner that isn’t using Skype, get with it already! Skype is incredibly useful for those with a lot on their plate and allows you to interact with clients, colleagues and vendors via text or video phone. It’s easy to use and allows for free calls with other Skype users all over the world. Need to cancel an order of fabric from a vendor in Turkey? Hop on Skype and call for free (just take note of the time difference!) to avoid an expensive problem in the long run. Best of all, for the call-only portion of Skype the person you’re calling doesn’t have to have anything other than a phone number.
  3. YouDo For those who love to simplify their lives and everything that must be done, YouDo offers an easy system that tracks to-do lists by the day or week (or both). For business owners that still getting into the groove of their blogs, this serves as a great tool to remind you to update, moderate comments and find help for areas of your blog that need tweaking.