The Top 50 Computer Science Bloggers

24 Nov, 2010  |  Written by  |  under Computer Science, Resources

If you are involved with computer science, you probably spend most of your time on the computer, whether for your job or school. While online, you might as well check out the various bloggers who write about computer science and related subjects. You may find that you learn something new, or will maybe just find a few bloggers who lead daily lives that are very similar to yours.

Student Bloggers

  1. Jason’s Computer Science Blog This blog follows a student who is enrolled in a doctoral program, runs his own IT consulting firm, writes papers for professional journals, and also works as a web developer on the side. In other words, Jason has some knowledge of the computer science field, and blogs about his experiences in this industry while throwing in useful tutorials.
  2. Run by a college student majoring in computer science and working as a software developer, this site is both informative and entertaining. Visit this blog to learn about the best current jobs for those in the computer science field, followed by a brief introduction to new smart phone games developed by members of the blog’s community.
  3. The Female Perspective of Computer Science It is well-known that women are underrepresented in this field, which makes a female blogger like Gail Carmichael particularly interesting. Get this PhD student’s perspective on getting by in this subject.
  4. Big Red Bits Like many other blogs, this one is maintained by two PhD students. Both claim they are interested in talking about theoretical problems and distributed systems in their free time.
  5. semicomplete This blogger is a student at the Rochester Institute of Technology, or RIT. He knows Perl, Python, Ruby, and C, and blogs about his school projects and how to perform certain functions related to programming.
  6. A Series of Uncool Events This student blogger lives in India. He focuses mainly on C++, FOSS, and his often entertaining life as a student.
  7. Rendy Learns to Code The blog is maintained by an Indonesian computer science major. It includes tips on Linux and Java, as well as reviews of various computer products.
  8. Dan Schneiderman is a student majoring in IT at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Much of his blog is devoted to information about his dealings in robotics.

How-To Blogs

  1. Steve’s Blog The short, to-the-point title says it all. This is Steve’s blog, which is full of examples and tutorials centering on languages that only computer science professionals will appreciate.
  2. The Wayward WebLog Only read this blog if you are truly interested in learning some in-depth coding. Rather than the typical discussions and videos regarding computer science, this site gets right to the point, teaching readers numerous tricks of the trade.
  3. Lost Website This long-running blog provides various tips and tutorials that might be of use to computer science enthusiasts.
  4. Andy Sowards This blogger is a programmer who is interested in making his own video games. His blog offers helpful links, downloads, tutorials, and more.
  5. Indelible Ink If you are interested in reading little else besides code within helpful tutorials, as well as learning more about writing applications for smart phones, check out this blog.
  6. DevTopics Get some great tips from this site when it comes to computing, or head on over to the specialty blogs that it suggests. Either way, you will learn something new.
  7. DotNetGuts Get tutorials and tips about ASP. Net, Sharepoint, SQL, AJAX, C#, and much more when you check out what this blogger has to say.

Blogs for Professionals, by Professionals

  1. Computer Science Department Blog This is attached to Virginia Tech’s CS department, and mostly features commentary by faculty members. Topics include speculation on the computer science job market, the role of females in this industry, and research in this field that has made an impact on the world.
  2. Computer Science Teacher This is specially formulated for those who teach this subject to grades K-12. It includes lots of links to videos, news articles, and contests that teachers and students alike may find interesting.
  3. Atarininja This FreeBSD developer offers advice and tutorials on various techniques relating to computer science. He also blogs about his experiences at different technology conferences.
  4. Computer Science Teachers Association Keep up-to-date on what computer science teachers are dealing with these days, whether it be plagiarism of coding or gender differences in the computer field.
  5. The Moth Find out what a Microsoft employee thinks of different software, hardware, and Internet browsers. Such information is, of course, in addition to advice on tools related to computer science.
  6. Charlie Calvert’s Community Blog This blogger works for Microsoft, and has plenty to say about his industry. Visit this blog and learn something new about C# or recent news in the field.
  7. Papers in Computer Science If you enjoy reading published articles about computer science, a blog that features summaries and abstracts of such works is perfect for you. Find out about different areas of this industry with this informative blog.
  8. Ask the Relic This programmer offers fixes to common issues within various computer programs. He also writes about new software worth checking out, among other topics that most web developers would be interested in.
  9. Ayman Hourieh This software engineer works at Google, and particularly enjoys open source technology. He mainly posts videos and tutorials that show debugging methods and more.
  10. Coderholic If you are interested in what a senior software engineer has to say about the industry, head to this blog. Consider his opinion on various computer languages, and get some relevant tips from this professional.
  11. Daniel Lemire’s Blog This Canadian blogger is quite accomplished, and says that he thinks of himself as an “expert programmer.” He posts advice for teachers and students, as well as information on his favorite computer software, journals, and conferences.
  12. Coding Horror Find out firsthand what it’s like to work remotely as a programmer, as blogger Jeff Atwood discusses how he keeps organized. He also shares his professional opinion on certain languages and various types of computer equipment.
  13. Leah Culver’s Blog If the thoughts of a female software engineer interest you, it’s time to give this blogger a chance. She writes mainly about open source software, programming languages, and Internet applications.
  14. Smart Software This former Microsoft employee writes mostly about software, artificial intelligence, C#, and .NET. You may learn a thing or two about these or similar subjects.

More Than Just Computer Science

  1. Security Circus If cute comics and humorous charts commenting on modern technology’s latest marvels that deal with both computer science and security sounds fun, check out this blog. Relevant quotes and news stories are thrown into the mix, as well, keeping the material fresh.
  2. Kompyuter Sayantist The categories in this blog range from Apple products and do-it-yourself themes to nanotechnology and social networking. Whether you’re interested in computer science or pop culture, you should give this site a chance.
  3. A+ Computer Science Blog If you are ready to consider what the iPhone has done to computer science while also taking a minute to ponder the apparent “nerd shortage” in the modern world, check out this blog. You should appreciate the humor that likely only computer science professionals and students will understand.
  4. Computational Complexity Get the scoop on modern gadgets from the perspective of those familiar with both advanced math and computer science.
  5. Joel on Software Get the inner thoughts and ramblings of the owner of a successful software company. He writes about software development, the Internet, and more.
  6. Oddhead Blog This blogger works at Yahoo! Research. His main topics of discussion include artificial intelligence, prediction markets, and even gambling. Check it out when you want to learn a few facts about any of those topics.
  7. Haystack Blog If Twitter and time travel interest you, consider browsing this blog. The author mostly discusses news stories, adding a unique opinion to each.
  8. The Red Ferret Journal Coders, designers, and technophiles in general can all enjoy this blog. The subjects vary, but this blogger usually focuses on the newest in the world of computing and technology.
  9. Tech Beat If you ever read BusinessWeek, you might be interested in the section that discusses the technical aspects of the world. Consider the musings of several writers in regards to computer science, Facebook, and really anything computer-related.
  10. Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols This “Cyber Cynic” writes about topics like Apple products, Google Chrome, Linux, and various other subjects relevant to most people who are interested in the technology industry.
  11. Shtetl Optimized Quantum computing and computer science are the main discussion topics of this blog, with occasional contests and calls for answers to equations.
  12. Download Squad If you are constantly looking for new tips, downloads, and games, check out this fully-loaded site. You could learn various tricks by adding it to your daily lineup of blogs to read.
  13. Lifehacker This giant blog is packed with tons of links, tips, and tutorials regarding software, programming, and various other topics related to computers in general.

Specialty Blogs

  1. Geek in Progress The professional who runs this site appears to specialize in all things Java. He has blogged about his experiences in the world of Java since 2003, so you should helpfully get some insight from this computer science blogger.
  2. The Quantum Pontiff If you are not only interested in computer science, but also quantum theory, this is the blog for you. In fact, it is likely the only one, so give it a chance. You may be baffled by some of the examples of quantum computing that are displayed, or you may be merely amused by the videos posted.
  3. Developing for .NET As the name indicates, this blogger writes about how to code when dealing with .NET technology.
  4. B# .NET Blog If you are particularly interested in all things Microsoft .NET, you’ll have found a home at this site.
  5. The Causality Relay This site centers on the topic of friendly artificial intelligence from the point of view of a computer science grad student. There are not many blogs like it, if any, so enjoy the unique perspective on a different subject here.
  6. David L’s Blog This blogger works with Windows Azure, and has been writing for years about this and similar topics.
  7. SRT Solutions Anyone interested in .NET and C# should be excited about this blog. There are years worth of reviews, tips, and general discussions about the subject.
  8. Switch on the Code This blog mainly focuses on .NET, though general programming information is also available. Tutorials and discussions are par for the course here.