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Technology today advances at a rapid rate. By the time you buy a new smart phone or computer, a new and improved model has already been created. What this means for computer programmers is that your job is secure. While the field continues to grow, those knowledgeable in computer science have the chance to excel in today’s tech-driven world. Know how to communicate with computers, and how to get them to do what you want, and your skill set will always be in demand.

If you are looking for a little help as you embark on a career in computer programming, there a number of valuable resources. The Internet is a great source of information, offering tutorials and web sites that answer your programming questions. Whether you are just get started, or whether you are a seasoned programming professional who just needs a little reminder every now and then, these 25 useful sites can provide you with the help and answers you need.

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If you are involved with computer science, you probably spend most of your time on the computer, whether for your job or school. While online, you might as well check out the various bloggers who write about computer science and related subjects. You may find that you learn something new, or will maybe just find a few bloggers who lead daily lives that are very similar to yours.

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