Career Opportunities With a Computer Science Degree

Computer science is one of the most popular disciplines available. As computers gain more and more of an effect on the general life and activities of the populace, people with a background in computer science will become more important, and thus more jobs will be available to you when you graduate.  There are many different jobs a computer science major can work as upon joining the workforce.

Types of Jobs in Computer Science

Naturally, almost every job in computer science involves computers. The most common job available is that of a computer programmer. You help write programs and devlop applications for people to use, ranging from general users to scientists and engineers. Another job type is that of a systems administrator or analyst. These people watch over entire networks and computer systems for small or large businesses. Keep in mind that “computers” doesn’t always mean PCs and laptops. Lots of technical devices contain computer components.

Daily Responsibilities in Computer Science Jobs

All computer science jobs involve the maintenance of computers to some degree. As a programmer, you will be expected to make sure the code runs clean and won’t cause an error. For an administrator, you may be given tasks such as installing new code, editing permission for other users, and providing training on how to use the computer system that you administer. You will be responsible for reporting new issues or services to the company and resolve them as needed. Some computer science workers are employed by computer science related companies while others work in other types of companies as the primary computer administrator.

Computer Science Education

At a minimum, you will need a bachelor’s degree in computer science in order to be able to be eligible for these types of jobs. Most major universities offer computer science as a a major, and usually require several high-level math courses in conjunction with the major. You’ll also learn about things such as object-oriented programming, artificial intelligence and the future of computers as well. Note that there is a difference between information technology and computer science – while they are related, there are differences, so explore both to determine which type of degree makes the most sense for you.

Guide to Masters in Computer Science Degrees

American Sentinel University Masters in Computer Science American Sentinel University – One of the leading online technology schools in the nation, American Sentinel’s online Masters in Computer Science is fully accredited and prepares students both technically and by teaching leadership and management skills. This program expands upon your foundation in computer science and teaches more complex principles and strategies. As such, a Bachelor’s Degree is required in order to enroll in this program.
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Walden University MS in Information Systems MS in IT: Information Security MS in IT: Software Engineering Walden University – Walden University is one of the largest providers of online education and takes a practical approach when developing its courses. Its accredited programs offer hands-on exercises that draw students directly into their education and helps students visualize complex concepts. Walden has three Masters in Computers Science degrees available: Software Engineering, Information Security, and Information Systems.
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Northcentral University MBA in Computer Science Northcentral University – The MBA in Applied Computer Science program from Northcentral University is a fully online accredited degree designed to incorporate both business management skills and computer science masters level courses in order to create students who are prepared for leadership positions dealing with computers and technology. Moreover, this program can be completed at a pace that is comfortable to you.
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New Jersey Institute of Technology MS in Computer Science New Jersey Institute of Technology – NJIT is a leading source for accredited degree programs focused on the computer industry. NJIT teaches practical lessons and relevant techniques that fit in with today's latest technological advances. This helps students obtain an education they can use immediately upon graduation. NJIT has an online program for a Masters of Science in Computer Science degree that can be completed in under two years.
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Boston University MS in Computer Info Systems MS/CIS – Database Mgmt MS/CIS – IT Mgmt MS/CIS – Security Boston University – The online masters in computer science or computer information science from Boston University are fully accredited online courses by a well-respected national university and allow students to specialize based on their career focus. BU has several Masters of Computer Science degrees available including a MS in Computer Info Systems, MS/CIS in Database Management, MS/CIS in IT Management, and a MS/CIS in Security.
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Colorado Technical University PhD in Computer Science PhD/CompSci – Emerging Media Colorado Technical University – These online PhD in computer science programs from Colorado Technical University can be completed in 3 years, and prepares students to not only be leaders in the field, but advance the field of computer science. CTU has two accredited Computer Sciece degrees available through online courses at the doctorates level: Computer Science and Emerging Media.
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