25 Useful Q&A and Tutorial Sites for Computer Programmers

8 Sep, 2011  |  Written by  |  under Computer Science, Resources

Technology today advances at a rapid rate. By the time you buy a new smart phone or computer, a new and improved model has already been created. What this means for computer programmers is that your job is secure. While the field continues to grow, those knowledgeable in computer science have the chance to excel in today’s tech-driven world. Know how to communicate with computers, and how to get them to do what you want, and your skill set will always be in demand.

If you are looking for a little help as you embark on a career in computer programming, there a number of valuable resources. The Internet is a great source of information, offering tutorials and web sites that answer your programming questions. Whether you are just get started, or whether you are a seasoned programming professional who just needs a little reminder every now and then, these 25 useful sites can provide you with the help and answers you need.

General Computer Programming Tutorial Sites

  1. PickATutorial: This web site allows you to pick from a number of different tutorials, including C/C++, AJAX, PHP, JAVA, Visual Basic and more. A great resource for computer programmers.
  2. Computer Programming Tutorial: Nick Antonaccio offers this video tutorial series. After you watch the first video, make sure that you watch the others. Great visuals to help you step by step as you get yourself going in the world of computer programming.
  3. TechTutorials: These tutorials are meant for IT professionals and computer programmers. You can learn about various programming languages and methods, as well as get access to great tutorials on different operating systems and computer programs. Plenty to keep any programmer busy.
  4. Free Computer Tutorials: This UK site offers computer programming and web design tutorials meant for beginners. Answers your questions about programming and provides you with a great resource on a variety of languages and methods.
  5. The New Boston: Educational programming tutorials on a variety of subjects. You can also learn programming from smart phones, like Android. Find what you’re looking for, and get your questions answered on a variety of programming language and development options.
  6. Fallout Software: Find tutorials on different programming subjects. You can also get access to Windows API and DirectDraw tutorials. Solid stuff for programmers.
  7. FreeComputerBooks.com: Get access to different books on computer programming and other subjects. Any computer programmer or IT specialist could find what he or she is looking for.
  8. FreeTechBooks.com: Another site that helps you with programming. Includes methods tutorials, AI, data structures, functional programming, and other subjects related to computer programming.
  9. Beginner’s Guide to Programming: A great resource for new programmers. Tutorials, as well as other helpful resources.

C Programming and C++ Programming

  1. Cprogramming.com: Just what you expect: C/C++ programming tutorials that can help you learn exactly what you need to do.
  2. How C Programming Works: The site How Stuff Works offers this great Q&A article on how C programming works. Check it out. You might learn something.
  3. C Language Tutorial: Great opencourseware tutorial from Drexel University. Use it to get the basics, and make sure you are on the right track.
  4. C++ Made Easy: Get the basics with this tutorial. A great site for getting right down to it with C++. You can get your questions answered, and learn the basics of this common programming language.
  5. C Programming: Another great opencourseware tutorial, this time from the University of Strathclyde. You can learn the basics of C programming, and then move on to more complex aspects of this programming language.
  6. C++ Language Tutorial: Designed to help you go through what you need to know about C++. Also serves as a great Q&A site, since you can focus in on what you are looking for, and get answers to specific questions you might have.
  7. Learn C++: Get to work learning C++. Great tutorials related to C++. Have your questions answered in the forums, and read featured articles on the latest uses and techniques.
  8. C/C++/C#: About.com shares a great resource on C programming in general. Find tutorials, get your questions answered, and see more resources related to C, C++ and C#.

Visual Basic Programming

  1. Visual Basic Tutor: You can get access to tutorials on using Visual Basic. a very helpful site for programmers and designers alike.
  2. Visual Basic Tutorial: Keep up with what’s happening with Visual Basic. Have different questions answered, and learn to excel at this programming method.
  3. Visual Basic Beginner Game Programming Tutorial: If you are a game programmer, this tutorial is a great resource. You can learn a great deal about VB, and how to get started.
  4. Programming in Visual Basic 6.0: Get a course in Visual Basic programming. A great resource for the computer programmer that uses visuals a great deal.
  5. Visual Basic: Great tutorial. Starts with an introduction, and a look at programming languages in general. Then, you get to go through different lessons. There are quizzes, and even a project to work on. You can also find a variety of other resources.
  6. Visual Basic Array Tutorial: Use this helpful tutorial to learn about arrays. You can learn about VB arrays, and how to properly use them. Take you through different types of arrays, as well as how to add and erase them. Different functions are addresses, and other subjects covered.
  7. Visual Basic 6.0 Programming: You can look at different Visual Basic options. Start with the beginning tutorials, and then advance to others. This site is fairly straightforward, offering a number of easy to find resources. Also includes external VB resources and links.
  8. Excel VBA: A great tutorial for using Visual Basic for Applications. Use this programming resource to enhance your abilities, and muse Excel to improve your programming.